The Building Blocks of Wardrobe Consulting


Are You Ready For a Proven Step By Step Process to Be a Knowledgeable
Image and Wardrobe Consultant?

When it comes to becoming a successful consultant, you
🗯️ Can’t seem to find your ideal long-term clients
🗯️ Can’t get away from your hourly rate
🗯️ Always chasing to fill up your calendar 
🗯️ Have very little to no growth in your business
You want to be fully booked consultant because you want to be able to
🗸 Deliver above and beyond what the client’s want
🗸 Feel confident in going into any kind of wardrobe situation
🗸 Change your clients’ lives for the better

If you nodding your head to any of the above then you’re in the right place.


BJ Wilson’s unique step-by-step training, “Four Seasons” system will prepare you to match a client’s personal style with current fashion trends. This is your opportunity to gain the skills and confidence you need to succeed in the world of fashion.

Have you always wanted a career in the fashion industry? Do you enjoy helping others look and feel their best? If so, our professional image consulting training is your ticket into an exciting, fascinating, and lucrative career.

Have we convinced you yet? Make your next career move by taking our The Building Block of Wardrobe Planning course today. You can work  through our easy to use program at your own pace. Sign up today!


The full understanding of the Seasonal Perspective.
The complete knowledge of Fabric and Colors’ roles in an ideal wardrobe setup.
Mastery of Body Types and Sizing to achieve your clients perfect fit.
All the vital foundation of a great wardrobe planning.

Not only that,
We’ll also show you how to utilize the most current Fashion Trend
and integrate it seamlessly into your consultation.


🗸 You are not just looking to start but also accelerate your career in the image consulting or personal styling.

🗸 You want a guidance from someone who is a leader in the industry has actually done it.

🗸 You want to be confident in your clients’ wardrobe makeover and in turn giving them their confidence.

🗸 You are serious, double serious about being fully booked image consultant or personal stylist.

🗸 Being paid to shop is your ultimate dream career.

🗸 You want to change your clients lives for the better.


You are looking to have a side hobby.

You are not excited to dive into the world of fashion.

You are not sure if shopping is your favorite activity.

You currently don’t have the time to invest in yourself.

You don’t really like challenge.

Having a fulfilling career is not in your top priority now.

So Are You Serious About Being a Successful Image Consultant and Personal Stylist?

BJ Wilson Founder of the Program

A Little Bit About Your Program Director & Founder,

BJ Wilson is the founder and owner of BJ Wilson & Company, a professional wardrobe consulting firm in Fort Worth, Texas.

BJ has over 25 years of experience as a wardrobe consultant, personal shopper, boutique owner, clothing buyer, and owner of a professional wardrobe consulting firm. She knows exactly how the fashion industry works.

BJ created the BJ Wilson Wardrobe Consulting Process ™, which is based on the four seasons of the year, and built her company on this foundation. BJ Wilson & the company are thrilled to provide e-Learning courses to help others launch a career in wardrobe consulting and personal shopping.

Hear What Others Said About

Advanced Image and Personal Style Training Certification

Aisha T.
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The time that I have been with BJ her extensive knowledge in seasonal color, fabric and trend analysis has enhanced my ability to better serve Clients. Coupling this with my innate ability to extend the highest level of customer service through trust and providing a safe space to invite and lead the Client into an experience that polishes their image and makes navigating their wardrobe that much easier.
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At the time, I was a recent graduate and lacking necessary experience to get a job in the fashion industry. BJ Wilson & Company’s training program opened up all kinds of doors for me career wise. In addition to being an independent business owner as a 24 year old, one of the greatest things about being a Wardrobe Consultant is the freedom I have to make my own schedule.
Barbara L.
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Being a Wardrobe Consultant has given me the opportunity to provide a personal service to men and women that allows them to project a confident self-image. This in itself has brought me great joy throughout my career.
Misty K.
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Looking back, I would not be where I am today in my career if it weren’t for BJ Wilson & Company’s training program. Not only did  it equip me with the knowledge and education I needed to become a Wardrobe Consultant, but it instilled in me the confidence and passion I needed to make a successful career out of it


Now open for Pre-Sell registration

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$498 – Each Full Modules 

$298 – Lecture only and $275 Reviews and Workbook add-on

$598 – Each Modules

Certified Advanced Image and Personal Style Training 

What will you get when you buy the course:

1. Lectures and Exercises that will help you develop your foundational knowledge in Image and Wardrobe Consulting.

2. Toolkit for you to utilize so you’ll be confident from your first consulting and yo the time you are fully booked.

3. Complete knowledge and a plan on how to plan your client’s ideal wardrobe according to their style and image.

4. A community of Image and Wardrobe Consultant where you can brainstorm and ask any of your questions.


As a Pre-Sell student, you will be grandfathered into $498 for each module in The Building Blocks of Wardrobe Planning

As a Early Bird student, you will be grandfathered into $598 for each module in The Building Blocks with bonus.

There will only be limited spots available.


The Building Blocks of Wardrobe Consulting

A Complete Course in Eight Modules

Plus One Bonus Module

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The Four Season Module

Module Downloads
Q & A

 The connection between the Four Seasons Process, Personal Shoppers, and Retail Stores 

Part 1: Wardrobe Planning Approach
Part 2: Pros and Cons of Closet Makeovers

Part 1: Seasonal planning
Part 2: Seasons of Transition

Part 1: Seasonal Scheduling
Part 2: Quarterly Scheduling

Part 1: Key Ideas
Part 2: Test Your Understanding


Lesson 1 : Seasonal Perspectives
Lesson 2 : Seasonal Wardrobe Planning vs. Closet Makeover
Lesson 3: Wardrobe Planning Season & Transitional Seasons
Lesson 4: Preparing for a Wardrobe Season
Lesson 5: Summary and Review

Lesson 1: The Five Categories of Clothing
Lesson 2: Lifestyles and Clothing Categories
Lesson 3: Summary and Review

Lesson 1 : Seasons and Fabrics
Lesson 2 : How to Organize Fabrics by Seasons
Lesson 3: How Fabrics are Categorized
Lesson 4: Printed Fabrics and Patterns
Lesson 5: Identify Fabrics by sight and feel
Lesson 6: Summary and Review

Lesson 1: How to Determine Basics
Lesson 2: How Fabrics Define Basics
Lesson 3: How Color Defines Basics
Lesson 4: Summary and Review

Lesson 1: Color Properties
Lesson 2: Research Color Trends and Forecasts
Lesson 3: Choosing a Color Scheme
Lesson 4: Determining a Color Scheme for a Client
Lesson 5: What are Multiple Color Schemes
Lesson 6: Summary and Review

Lesson 1: Identify the Five Body Shapes
Lesson 2: Flattering & Unflattering Choices for Each Body Shape
Lesson 3: Identify the Two Body Types
Lesson 4: Flattering and Unflattering Choices for Each Body Type
Lesson 5: Summary and Review

Lesson 1: Identify the Five Body Shapes
Lesson 2: Flattering & Unflattering Choices for Each Body Shape
Lesson 3: Identify the Two Body Types
Lesson 4: Flattering and Unflattering Choices for Each Body Type
Lesson 5: Summary and Review

Lesson 1: The Five Size Categories & Sizing Standards
Lesson 2: Learn to Take Proper Measurements
Lesson 3: Additional Challenges to Proper Size & Fit
Lesson 4: Designers Size & Fit Challenges
Lesson 5: BJ Wilson Fit Checklist
Lesson 6: Summary and Review

6 Lessons on Current Fashion Trends and other Elements of Building Blocks.


Certified Advanced Image and Personal Style Training 

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